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En route from the metropolitan delights of Montreal to the concrete jungle of Toronto lies the National Capital Region. A region where lies the city of Ottawa, a place we call home.



  If you're planning to visit Ottawa, we highly recommend you visit the official Ottawa Tourism website for details on what's going on in the city throughout the year.

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  An excellent online resource to the popular restaurants in Ottawa's downtown core.

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Welcome to Ottawa, Canada. 

This dynamic city of one million residents is home to tens of thousands of government workers and their five hour work day (10 AM - 3 PM not including coffee breaks), high tech workers of which half have become 'consultants' after the industry bust, and the ever present Lexus SUV driving soccer moms with million dollar grow-ops and swingers clubs in the heart of suburbia.   To put it simply: Ottawa is a distinct society.

As Ottawa has the highest educated work force in Canada, we have great debates at town hall meetings and form committees to address current issues and in effect construct councils of committee members who can then debate why they created a council in the first place.  And then, maybe, just maybe, take a decision on something.   But we should bring that issue to committee before addressing council on the issue.

Now that we have your attention, Life is Ottawa is a blessing in disguise.  The crime rate is based on the number of bicycles stolen, traffic is when it takes you thirty minutes to get to work instead of twenty, and cottage country is just a hop, skip, and jump outside the downtown core.  So, what's not to like?  There isn't much not to like in Ottawa, and herin lies the problem.  People are bored.  Really bored.  So we decided to create this web site in an effort to spice up the lives of fellow Ottawans. 

If you've found this website haphazardly through google.  Come visit Ottawa! 
You'll have a great time visiting the city.  Living here is the challenge.

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